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Welcome to the WFP Executive Board Webpage

This webpage was designed to facilitate and provide easy access to the work of the WFP Board, Bureau and related bodies. It offers information on their structures, roles, work and activities along with documents for Board sessions, informal consultations and briefings. 

Country strategic plans for review

The draft CSPs/ICSPs that will be submitted to the 2018 first regular session
are available at the following page:

Joint website of the Rome-based agencies

The new joint website of the United Nations Rome-based agencies has been released at the following link:

Rome-based United Nations agencies meetings and events





10 January

  • Executive Board Bureau meeting

11 January

  • FAO/WFP Joint launch of the Global Nutrition Report (at WFP)

15 January

  • Induction session for new Members and Observers of the WFP Executive Board

16 January

  • Informal consultation on the Country Strategic Plans (Timor-Leste, Philippines, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kenya, Burundi, Egypt, Tunisia, Bolivia and Honduras)

17 January

  • Resource Management Seminar
  • First Informal consultation on Private Sector Partnership and Fundraising Strategy

25 January

  • Joint FAO/WFP Informal Membership Briefing on Emergencies (at WFP)
  • Germany/OSN-hosted: Brown Bag Lunch with the Friends of WFP Nutrition
  • Briefing on Cash-Based Transfer

29 January

  • First Quarterly briefing on Oversight
  • Regional Lists meetings with the ED

30 January

  • Regional Lists meetings with the ED

In line with Greening the Blue Initiative, the Board became 100 percent paperless in 2016. The production of printed copies of Board documents for Member States has been completely discontinued and replaced by web posting.